About Us

Our History

StartUp Bahamas (Formerly StartUp Generals) was started in November 2011 by two young ambitious striving Entrepreneurs while studying at College abroad. At University, the idea to “Start” other persons business was birthed, which would turn into fruition after winning the Global Entrepreneurial Week Business Plan Competition at St. Thomas University. Since then, StartUp Bahamas has assisted many aspiring Entrepreneurs in the Bahamas to start, grow, and sustain their Business. The name StartUp Bahamas was officially changed from StartUp Generals in January 2015.

Corporate Responsibilities 

At StartUp Bahamas, we believe in giving back to The Community through providing various tools for individuals to empower themselves. We are committed to professional and national developments as we provide the following outreach initiatives:


Recognizing the positive difference that education makes in the lives of people, one of our much-valued corporate commitments is to academic enrichment. We provide educational support in three forms:

  • Resume Drafting- We assist job seekers with building a professional resume for persons to better compete for jobs locally and internationally
  • Mentoring– We work with educational institutions as mentors in their mentorship programs.
  • Microsoft Office Tutoring- We provide basic tutorials in Microsoft Word, Excel and PowerPoint

Corporate Values – Moving Forward 

At StartUp Bahamas, we thoroughly understand that improving the community is both an opportunity and a responsibility. This understanding is deeply rooted in our corporate values and through our various initiatives, we intend to continue our support of.